Melissa Wood: Not As Transparent As You Think?

Melissa Wood is coming under scrutiny for her lack of transparency. The fitness instructor slash health coach leads a social media existence that would have anybody jealous. Hers is an Instagram story of juicing in the morning, pilates flows in the afternoon, and plant-based dinners she just whipped up in the evening, punctuated with adorable shots of her two kids, and the occasional mention of her husband, recognizable nightlife name Noah Tepperberg.

The Co-Founder and Co-Owner of TAO, LAVO, Avenue and Marquee met his wife way back when she was a cocktail waitress at the latter of his long list of establishments. Fifteen years later, her career in the world of wellness has blown up, with over 580,000 followers eager to hear all about her morning meditations, what she’s eating, what new clothes she’s working out in, etc.

Melissa is touted as a truly organic, transparent influencer – as far as one can tell she doesn’t edit her photos, and she regularly gets real about her struggles with stress and motherhood. But as has been the case with many, the pandemic seems to be spreading a dose of doubt over her image.

Last evening, Melissa celebrated her husband’s birthday with a party in the Hamptons. Held at what appears to be a private residence (that is not the Tepperberg home), the party began with guests such as Tinamarie Clarke and Richie Akiva receiving rapid Covid tests, showing results in 15 minutes. Next up was an evening of dinner and fireworks for the non-masked crowd.

Guest’s stories from the evening.

But if you solely followed Melissa, you’d have no idea that this is how she spent the night. Her stories for the day show only some fun at home with her house guest for the weekend Isabel Grutman, her driving in a car with her husband in a serious going-out look, a followup with exactly where followers can buy her dress and jewelry, and then a static post of her and Noah, no mention of a party.

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Love the one you’re with 💛🎂

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Now, did the Tepperbergs likely take all of the proper precautions to make the event as safe as it could be? Yes. But does the fact that she didn’t show any glimpse of the process or the event itself show that somewhere deep down she knew this was not a cute image moment? Yes. Is it unfortunate that so many people in the US don’t have access to quick, accurate testing? Yes. Is it irresponsible of her to use the resources that she is fortunate enough to have to create an experience like this for her husband and all of her friends? Who’s to say.

Still, Melissa has been facing comments calling her out for this bad brand moment. And what appears to be even more surprising behavior for the chilled out influencer? She’s deleting them.

Comments that have now been deleted from Melissa’s post.

Last month Melissa attended The Chainsmokers eye roll of a concert in the Hamptons – the one that was quickly denounced by Cuomo himself as completely irresponsible and unbelievable. Melissa though defended her presence there, and maintained that she acted responsibly, socially distancing and wearing a mask. General consensus on this one is that that was not the right move.

But there’s another thing that’s been eating at her followers lately – her well documented friendship with the more than problematic influencer Danielle Bernstein. All of her troubles with allegedly copying designers and photoshopping her photos and just being a nightmare aside, Danielle has spent the summer in the Hamptons, hanging out with friends, hitting up private backyard parties and hot spots, gatherings we’re sure Melissa has gone to at least a few of. Sharing just about every footstep of her life, Danielle’s come under serious attack from critics calling her out for her irresponsible, privileged behavior. But, as questionable as Danielle’s socializing seemingly without a care may be (she also maintains that everyone at all of the gatherings she goes to gets tested, which is however much a truth you want it to be I suppose), at least she’s not hiding it?

So what’s really more problematic? Influencers who are living their lives like everything’s normal (responsibly or irresponsibly), out and about with their friends, sharing it on social media? Or influencers doing the exact same who aren’t telling you about it?

9 thoughts on “Melissa Wood: Not As Transparent As You Think?

  1. I’m beyond disappointed in her. I’ve been a follower for years, something about Melissa I just loved. She seemed genuinely authentic, granted lives a very privileged life, but still seemed sweet. The use of “rapid Covid tests” is just soooo throwing it in our faces, those who have been unable to get tested, who have lost loved ones to Covid, who (me) got tested in a free, public testing location in California and two weeks later I still have not received results. I still have faith in her, but I do think some of her friendships (Danielle, Tina Marie) are unfortunately what put her in this predicament. Melissa genuinely shows her wellness space and her fitness program, but the others just show off their lavish lifestyles on the daily, during a time when millions of people are unemployed and living in fear of losing their homes. I truly hope that it clicks for them all, but I think we will see a post soon where they all claim they are being “bullied”.

  2. She only posts super skinny white people. And the TaoCares fund for employees? Why aren’t the owners funding it instead of asking for donations from the public?

  3. Melissa is genuine. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to put people under the microscope. We have enough problems in this world and scrutinizing others for no reason just shows jealousy, poor judgement and a lack of kindness that is truly needed during the crazy time.
    Leave Melissa alone. If you don’t like what she’s doing don’t follow her- but this behavior is poor form.

  4. I was a subscriber on her website/app and I’ve recently unsubscribed. The Chainsmokers concert was worrisome and irresponsible… this party she threw for Noah is such a grotesque display of privilege and lack of consideration for others in such a delicate time.

    In her heart and mind I believe she KNEW this was wrong and decided to not post at all. All influencers are the same, after this I’m convinced.

  5. Disappointing…

    Gross display of ignorance and privilege.

    I’ve just unsubscribed from her website.

    You’re no better or special than anyone because you have money.

    Do you do the right thing? Is your heart in it for the right reasons?

    Please don’t cry bullying. Accept and take accountability.


  6. Many influencers do this. Almost everyone in Hamptons too
    So is curious why you have targeted Melissa only. How about other celebrities?

    Melissa traveled to Miami and said it publicly
    Athena Calderone on the other hand traveled to Aspen – the Holly Grail for privileged for New Years started instagrming stories but then stories disappeared and she continued to pretend like she never left NYC !

    Elena Brewer left NYC the moment pandemic started

    All in all rich and privileged who profit from NYC left it during pandemic either promptly for good or spent their pandemic comfortably on relaxed Hamptons atmosphere of socializing or traveled for New Years….

    And ok those are their choices – but if you make career/earn money out of sharing your lifestyle that includes transparency

    What they did and kept doing is hypocrisy

  7. Y’all? Rapid, and within 72 hrs Covid testing are required event stipulations. I’m planning a wedding.This is the deal in NY and elsewhere. It’s expensive, it is required, but it is NOT keeping others from being tested, or otherwise shifting testing from others. You can’t throw a bash without testing. And PLEASE stop with bashing Melissa. She doesn’t owe ANYONE anything, save for the lovely and focused scope of content for which her subscribers pay. And modestly, at that. She is NOT gouging anyone. She owes no one access into her private life. Lay OFF.

  8. Melissa Wood is a complete phony. Her post is just filled with skinny white people. She is not even a trained professional and she under eats and totally is high on herself. I have always found her hypocrisy and those of her fellow cocktail wAitrESSES that married these rich old men so filled with deceit. Her friend Tina Marie Clark married a bill collector vulture who has such bad karma and basically entire business is to stalk people to pay loan sharks and She claims she’s all zen? Please.

  9. This is such a shallow article with most people commenting shallow as well. Jealousy definitely causes people to become shallow so you should look at yourself and your own issues because commenting here isn’t helping anything or anyone.

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