Jenné Lombardo Steps In It Again – But This Time, It’s With The IRS

Remember all the way back in June when Instagram photos of Jenné Lombardo dressed up in blackface as Janet Jackson on Halloween in 2015 resurfaced?

The original caption as posted by one of her friends, screenshot below, clearly states that she was dressed up as Janet Jackson. Jenné, however, maintains that she was neither in blackface nor dressed up as Janet Jackson. She instead claims that she was respectfully dressed up as a “Chola.” Do with that what you will.

In response to the backlash, Jenné, a big proponent of embracing uncomfortable conversations, deleted critical comments and blocked people who continued to share their opinion.

Since then, Jenné has been pretty low-key on social media. But when she has posted, she’s been adamant about her support for the anti-racist movement. She even joined Love At The End, a Montauk group dedicated to educating the community on local issues of racism and championing Black Lives Matter. I mean, I guess regardless of whether you believe her blackface story or not she’s been trying to do something helpful since. Right?

So let’s just say, that sets the stage for who we’re working with here.

Yesterday, Jenné took to her stories to comment on Trump’s war against the Postal Service. I think we can all mostly agree (who knows if some of you are crazy conspiracy believing republicans?) that her point is pretty valid. The government relies on the Postal Service for a lot of things. Like taxes, per her example! If you don’t have it set up so that whatever you owe is withdrawn from your account directly, you’re grabbing a stamp and shoving a check in an envelope my friend. And the government is more than happy to take a chance on that check getting to them.

Again, just so we get it clear here: Trump bad, Postal Service good. Not questioning that at all.

Moving on. Does it strike you as a little weird how totally specific and oddly personal she makes her argument? That “I can send (year after year, on time, without fail) my very large tax checks to the IRS via the mail.” That “they’ve been cashed within 3 business days of mailing them every single time.” That she “checked” !?!

First of all, if someone tells you completely unsolicited that they checked something, they most certainly did not! And it turns out, girl should check, because if she really has been sending those checks in the mail, every year, on time, without fail, the IRS is not getting them.

In fact, a simple search through IRS tax lien records shows that Jenné has a laundry list of them, owing the government year after year, almost without fail, a total dollar number which I won’t disclose, but will tell you is enough to buy the without a doubt nicest house in a simple but sweet rural town.

So why would Jenné lie? She could have just re-posted another Save The Post Office meme. If you’re in the market for one, the below is a real keeper.

Why did she feel the need to make this a story celebrating her as a responsible taxpayer? A vindicating moment for her, in relation to a problem no one was even thinking she had, but now, thanks to the fun of the internet, we all get to know about.

And just to pull it all together for a little full circle moment, if she lied about this when she really didn’t even need to, I’d bet money on the fact that she lied the first time around too re: Janet Jackson. Maybe even enough money to buy the without a doubt nicest house in a simple but sweet rural town.

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